30 years is a long time to be doing the same thing, but here we are,Twin Planet's 30th anniversary.  I often wonder how we've made it this far with all the crazy stuff we've done, but now that the first 30 are behind us we can't wait for what comes next.

Diversity has played a big part.  Music videos lead to commercials, commercials to documentaries and features.  It seemed that whenever I was getting a little worn out doing one thing, an offer would come along to try something else, and Twin Planet has been able to roll with it.  We've shot in 30+ countries with international crews in probably almost every format known to man.  We've produced under the best and worst conditions and we still love it every time we do it.  I guess the memories of the tough moments just don't last as long as the good ones do.

And me?  I used to be the young virile man you see in the photo above.  Now 30 years takes its toll on everything, so now most people agree I look more like this t-shirt:

and who knows, somewhere down the line I might end up looking like this guy we met in Chile:


but regardless, Twin Planet will continue to do things that no other production company can do, and have a great laugh about it along the way.

~ Doctor Garry